Hello Backers!

Hope you all have had an amazing weekend so far! Yet another awesome/busy week here at PEBBY!

We have already hit over 170k with over 900 backers! WOW! We could have only done this with your help and support. Thanks for the love and support, Team Pebby is sincerely grateful. You all have really helped bring this project to life and we want to bring your attention as backers now to something you’d love – COLORS.

Now to let everyone have a quick recap, Pebby comes with a variety of colored caps. These caps are fixed with magnets allowing for easy fixing and changing. The whole point of colors is to embrace your individualism and customising your Pebby look according to your desired mood!

Standard Selection

We are currently offering EIGHT choices of colors:


You will not be able to choose the color you want now when you pledge. However, once the campaign ends, we will be sending out a survey for you all to answer via E-mail. So make sure your email associated with your Kickstarter account is updated. If you use Facebook to login, it will send to the email associated with your Facebook.

There, you will give us your current shipping information as well as choose the colors you will want. Another thing to add about the survey, is that you can verify the combinations of your pledge! (How many extra caps or smart collar?) And its a fast, easy and organized way for us to get your info, and send your your package seamlessly.

As you all know, we have introduced our stretch goals in the last update. If we hit the next mark, we’ll be adding TWO more color choices… and this will be 3D BRUSHED.

Here’s the preview:

Now does this look even more POKE-ish?

So to unlock this as a choice (extending the available selection to TEN choices!), all we have to do is to hit 200k on our Kickstarter Campaign! On top of that if we hit 300k, we’ll be giving every backer ONE COLOR CAP OF YOUR CHOICE FREE OF CHARGE!

Pebby hopes to carry on with the mission to serve pet owners worldwide. We really hope you are enjoying the rest of the weekend, and we also hope you have a great start to your week tomorrow, Cheers and please share the word about PEBBY!



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