IOS Beta Testing: Phase 1 part 2

Technology plays a big part not just in our lives but also in our pet’s life! Many technology products have been produced to keep our connection with our little companion anytime, anywhere. However before any products are released, there has to be testing to ensure that it caters to our consumer needs as well as their pets!

We are still in the progress of conducting our beta testing for, despite every single backer’s packed schedule, we would like to thank backers who took time off and participated in our beta testing. We have a total of 500 participants and an estimated of 300 users which are IOS users and with your participation, we are able to analyze our results together with the feedback from our backers to improve our product.

During the testing it was noted:


  • Speed and acceleration settings system is too complicated. It is necessary to make more simple move profiles as basic settings.
  • View-elements display wrong on devices (mostly on the iPhone X and iPad)
  • Most users did not use the option of the double joystick. It’ll be better to add training to the settings or give a choice of the type of joystick at the beginning of the game.
  • Some bugs detected in the system: some users have problems with registration; the absence of push notifications.
  • Security system and remote stream system were tested. In special cases, there were network topologies.
  • It was noted that to successfully get to a higher place, (a dock station, for example) а small acceleration is needed. For this purpose, it is planned to add a command of sharp acceleration.
  • It is necessary to fix a certain time between reconnections, since impatient users often press the connection and exit buttons, making connection failures.

On the other hand here are some of the testimonies we have received back from our backers

“This was fun! Yes, I am already a Kickstarter supporter. Thank you for extending my play time after getting my login active. It takes some time to get a “feel” for the controls. I’m guessing there is some lag time via remote networking. I kept trying to steer through the archway, but never could quite get there. The mirror was a nice touch, also. There really was not enough time to explore very many features while trying to navigate the play area. The video quality was rather “fuzzy”. Had to change the video resolution to 800×600 for my iPhone X display, otherwise just had black video. I trust these bugs will be fixed. I know my dogs will LOVE this thing, and I will, too.”

“Thanks for letting me test Pebby. Connection to the Pebby robot was easy. Once I connected to Pebby, I noticed that my camera view was upside down. This made it very hard to control the robot. After speaking with support, they advised me to upgrade to the latest version of Pebby which corrected the issue. Controlling Pebby wasn’t terribly difficult but it’ll take some time to get used to. I couldn’t get the dog/cat button to make any noise on my end. Maybe with a little more time, I’d be able to get it functioning. I tried to get Pebby back into the dock and I think I might have been successful a few times. Adjusting settings on the fly seemed to work ok. I needed to adjust the speed to get up the ramps. I thought I had encountered another Pebby but then realized that I was looking at myself in a mirror (looking good!) I could see through the outer shell without any issues but I could see that this might get scratched up easily over time. Manufacturing parts that users can change on their own would be nice.”


This test allows us to understand that across the world that where the majority of our backers and supporters come from and the problems encountered while backers are using so that we can improve the technician in Pebby Ball.


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