We have reached 500k and MYSTERY REVEAL!

Introducing FREE Pebby Upgrade to ALL Kickstarter Backers!

Every single one in Team Pebby have been working day and night to find the best giveaway to thank all our backers but we know for a fact for sure that given Pebby itself is already a marvel in design, there was really little room left to add more features in an already feature-packed product.

We decided to go back to the drawing board and by activating all of our engineering juice we had a revelation. Ultimately, the best way to show our appreciation was to give everyone the most practical gift – “Better Camera and Longer Battery Life” where more quality time to spend with our pets!

This is something we were initially planning for our future rollout (est – 2018) but since we received such an overwhelming support for Pebby, we felt that our current backers deserved the best from us!

We owe Pebby’s success to you and thanks to all of our backers, our goal is a step nearer each day!

Pebby Before

– 720p Camera Resolution – 90 min Active Playtime

Pebby After

– Full HD 1080p Camera Resolution – 120 min Active Playtime

Promotion Ahead

A way for us to grow our campaign is by engaging in mutual shoutouts with other awesome campaigns. These promotions help us hit our stretch goals together with your help!

Superscreen Turns Your Smartphone Into a Tablet

Almost $2M raised on Kickstarter in 2 weeks – Superscreen is a full-sized touchscreen 10.1″ HD display that mirrors exactly what’s on your iOS or Android smartphone screen (no file transfers, no clouds, no wires, no contracts). Early birds still available for $119 (60% off $299 retail), exclusively on Kickstarter.

Continue to stay tuned to our next update!

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