How is Pebby being made?


How is Pebby being made?

Many wondered how did Pebby come about? What made our founders came up with this idea and why are we making it this for? How can Pebby help to contribute and help pet owners? It begins when our founders are pet owners themselves and are aware that such problems are all around the world but what could be done to solve this? Is there any product infused with technology that could bring the pet owners and pets closer than before anytime and anywhere regardless of the time and distance? and hence, Pebby was born.

How can Pebby help you? Pebby is the world’s most advanced robotic pet sitter, enabling pet owners to interact with their pets anytime and anywhere. It was created to bridge the gap of communication and interaction between pet parents and pets while pet parents are away at work or having a holiday.

We started out our product design before finalizing to 80 x 80mm size after a various number of testing with pets by the end of 2014.  In 2015 and 2016,  we moved towards prototypes and consultations with industry experts before executing second prototypes with additional features as well as continuing to improve and better yet, we grew together as a stronger team!

2017 arrived and that was where everything began. Together with the competence and confidence and our product tests were completed. We decided to launch our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo which we managed to raise up to an estimated amount of USD 1 million together from all of our backers and supporters. Our launch on Kickstarter was a success and it was awarded the number one crowdfunded pet project in history.

Our team of engineers, marketers, and business specialists shares a common interest in making use of smart technologies to enhance healthcare and improve our overall quality of life. Our goal is to build Pebby as the go-to tech brand when shopping for pet products and pets.

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