Pebby Development Timeline Update

Dear Pebby Backers,

In this update, we will be sharing our details on the reworked development timeline since the Intel push back on our original timeline which would be up to be rough 4 months.

So what has been happening in Pebby?

-Throughout August and September, we have put in tremendous effort in searching for a new SOC solution as replacing Intel Edison has not been easy especially since Pebby was developed with Edison from its beginning.

-Redesigned all main circuitry and conducted compatibility tests and finalized iteration.

-Improvement on our specs on Camera and Batteries, a kind uphold of our promise to you on this upgrade that every backer deserved for the support during the campaign.

Moving into the month of October, we will be porting all software and firmware into the new boards, redesigning the new internal mechanical parts to fit the new PCBs and modules such as wires/camera/batteries. We’ll assemble the new robot version and search for bugs that we can solve.

Our production partners are still working with us on a very close level as they understand the unforeseen delay this had on Pebby and appreciate the long reroute that we are on to start production. That is why we don’t see them leaving as they have entrusted us with their faith. Pebby is a complex and wholly unique product with many parts to procure and that requires customization and in order to produce Pebby, we have to commit in large quantities for the cost economics to be affordable to the entire project.

No one from the development community is taking this Intel ‘End of Life’ lightly and as our backers, we hope that you would understand the impact that is on us is not as simple as replacing a car tire. We have not had a single day of slacking off and neither did we just blame Intel nor do nothing. As project creators trying our best to drive a vision, incidents like this and of this scale from a major community player is a systemic risk that we could not have possibly accounted for. We could account for all the possible manpower we’ll need or the production monies to commit vendors but not this and we are not a project that is delaying out of selfish, mismanagement or scandalous reasons.

We have chosen Kickstarter to reach out to supporters who love Pebby and share our dream to connect with our pets with entertainment when pet owners are not around. Projects similarly like us that launched on Kickstarter are the reason many cool projects exist today with strong innovation that solves a real need for many but lacks the pre-orders to deliver. Success does not always come easy and neither can we predict all obstacles to come but we are confident in overcoming this unforeseen hiccup with our systematic and scientific approach. Believe in us and you’ll be rewarded when the time comes. Trust us, it isn’t that far away.

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