IOS Beta Testing: Phase part 1

Hello Backers!

Our daily responsibilities have filled up our daily life and we are constantly going against time in order to spend quality time with our loved ones and our little companions walking in our house. We spend a majority of our times working, spending time with our friends and family, what about our pets or rather, how do we connect with our pets when we are not around them?

In our recent update, we have created a beta testing where backers from Kickstarter and Indiegogo could sign up for it and have a chance to experience how to do the application and controllers of Pebby ball works. We have reconstructed the app where it is easier and accessible for users with better-improved features such as our sound, resolution, and camera.

This time, our intention was to have a beta testing for backers and supporters all around the world to have a chance to connect to the ball via the Pebby application on their mobile devices despite different timezone and have an experience in handling the Pebby Ball. Our Motive behind the testing was to gather feedback regarding the Pebby ball so that we could improve it for the better for our consumers. You may click here for more information!

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