Announcing Stretch goals!

It is amazing how the first 3 days of our campaign have been! We have reached $100K at 200% of our funding goal and it is all thanks to our backers and to show our sincere appreciation for all your fantastic support, we will be unlocking some awesome stretch goals!

The first stretch goal that we just surpassed means that you will now receive a Pebby carry-on pouch FREE with every Pebby order! The goal will be unlocked at $200K where you will receive 2 additional outer cap colors where backers can mix and match while the rest of the goals are shown below in the diagram!

Stretch Goals
Stretch Goals

Please remember to SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN and help spread the word about Pebby to unlock the next few stretch goals together with us! Once again, we would like to thank all our backers for the endless support for our campaign and let’s look forward to it! For more information, please check us out through few links here! Kickstarter and Indiegogo stay tuned for more updates!


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