Pebby Update #23

Dear Backers,


Since our last update, we have been very busy with the shipping of beta units and gathering feedbacks as well as rectifying identified bugs that undermine the product experience. During this absence, we apologize for any delay in responses and will be committed to improving our communications.

So far, we have conducted a simple test phase with 30 units shipped to backers from the factory. The test phase was of high importance to us in discovering bugs of various levels as well as any imperfections to the production build of Pebby, before the actual mass production. The data we have collected from testers can be found in our feedback below:

Some technical issues that we faced and had to overcome during this period and they are based on the feedback we received:

a.     We have fixed an issue with the power system whenever the robot experiences a strong impact by hard knocking walls.

b.     Poor internet connectivity affects video streaming at high resolution as well as control delays. This is especially the case on Android devices. Therefore we are currently integrating a fully developed algorithm that auto-adjusts the best-fit resolution according to the current internet bandwidth.

c.     The first ever set-up of Pebby to a new home is a intricate process. Many had issues to follow through with the proper setup of the entire system. The reason of this is due to an absence of “back loop” that results in us being unable to analyse the set-up data from the unit. Problem was solved by activating bluetooth which provides extensive access to all robot/router/kennel parameters in the app.

d.     Some users tried to connect using Mobile Hotspots and had issues arising in consistent connectivity. We are still investigating this issue as this has never happened with stationary routers.

e.     Some users have feedback on the current communication range of the charging kennel and Pebby. It has been resolved by changing PCB layout as well as adding new antenna which will increase the range between charging kennel and Pebby.

f.     Several feedback was on the transparent outer casing treatment where it gets scratches quite easily and thus the surface becomes blurry. Hence to rectify this issue, we had to switched to an alternative coating supplier and are now trying different blends to achieve maximum hardness. During this time, we have also radically improved the locking mechanism for fastening the two transparent halves- resulting in a more secure closure.

g.     There’s an issue regarding overheating during long time use. We have resolved this by changing processor settings and adjusting power management unit with additional temperature sensors and upgraded the app to provide notifications.

h.    App UI was too “loaded” and hence, work has been done on the UI/UX and user friendliness of the app.

i.     Feedbacks regarding firmware remote update issues where users had troubles with remotely updating firmware of the robot at times and we are still investigating this issue.

This is just some of the work based on the received feedback during this period and we will continue to improve on all the outstanding issues. We are also currently producing 100 units to conduct a couple more tests to guarantee its product quality as well as preparing our assembly lines with our CM with a goal to launch our mass production cycle very soon.

Not too long from today, we will be making several test units, placed in our offices, available for public (literally anyone) who are interested to connect and control Pebby remotely from their location. This will help us on understanding more about remote access controls, especially from long distances. The countries which we hope would have users trying would be from United States, UK, Australia, and Canada. Obviously, anyone not from the mentioned countries are welcomed to try as well.

Below you will find some collections from our recent testers which we was able to gather feedback and discover bugs on key features that which is crucial for a first batch delivery. Please look forward to our next update which will wrap up on the test results and details of production dates and shipment.

Some of you may have changed addresses but we greatly appreciate those who have kept our team updated with it. We are never in the position to take it for granted and GREATLY appreciate the effort from you, our backers.

Thank You.

-Pebby Team

Pebby Ball in action

Age 5, Moscow
Age 5, Moscow


Age 6, Moscow
Age 6, Moscow


Age 4, Oakland CA.
Age 4, Oakland CA.


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