Pebby Update #25 (Pebby Test App – Detailed Guide & User Manual)

Dear Backers,

Thank you so much for your support and volunteering to our Pebby Test App. We have received an overwhelming responses from a total number of 458 volunteers, out of which 348 are iPhone users and 110 responses from Android users.

First round of Pebby iOS test app will be running for the first two weeks of May 2018. For iOS users you may expect to receive an invitation to download Pebby iOS app over the weekend kindly check your spam filter or junk mail folder for the invitation from TestFlight.

Android users you will not be left alone, our developer is working on Pebby Android app at the same time, we will keep your email in file and notify you once Android version is made available.

On this update we will be providing you a detailed guide of what you should do and a user manual for controlling of Pebby Smart Ball:

Detailed Guide:  

Step 1: Check your inbox for invitation to download Pebby App. You will be required to install TestFlight app on your iOS device and download Pebby App from it.

Step 2: Register an account (or login with Facebook) on Pebby App, you will receive an activation code by email.

Step 3: Allow notifications on Pebby App (Note: This step is important to receive push notification from server when it is your turn for testing, refer to Step 7 below)

Step 4: Book your preferred time slot here if you haven’t done so – Book only with your Apple ID registered email address, we will be linking your ID with Pebby based on the timesheet from the booking software)

Step 5: Play around Pebby App before your registered time slot.

Step 6: You will receive a reminder from us one day prior to testing.

Step 7: You will receive a push notification from Pebby App when you have access to Pebby Smart Ball.

Step 8: Select Pebby logo where you will find available Pebby network linked to your ID. Make sure you have a good internet connection. In any case if you can’t connect after a minute, push back button and try again.

Step 9: Testing will last for 10-mins (you may end the session earlier by power off the robot, please refer user manual for instruction), we hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: Beta test app might crash, in the event where you are not able to connect to the designated robot or facing problem with the app, you may go to our website at, live chat function is available during testing period on the bottom right corner, where you could leave a message to our developer and get assistance immediately.

User Manual:

As shown in preview on our last update, you will be brought to control screen once connection is successful.

As mentioned on last update our developers are building a terrain to make the control experience fun. Enclosed below with our idea and plan, actual result might vary:

1. Net was placed for checking how robot react when pushing into a soft wall.

2. Mirror to look around and check robot outlook when Light and Laser feature is turned on.

3. Move robot up the Slide, check setting of acceleration needed for climbing slope.

4. Move around Carpet, check how robot function on soft and uneven surfaces.

5. Move robot up to Springboard, feel free to drop robot from above.

6. Various Wooden Platforms were placed in the middle to check how robot overcome obstacles.

7. Test controllability of robot on high speed by driving it into the Snake of Rubber Band.

8. Challenge yourself into Labyrinth and Dead-end corner, test out how you could rescue robot out of a confined space.

9. Goal: Drive robot back into its Charging Dock! (just for fun, Pebby has built-in retreat function where robot will automatically return to its charging dock when control session ends)

We hope you will enjoy the test control session with Pebby. If you experience any difficulty, please remain calm and use the live chat function place on our website www.getpebby.comduring the testing period to contact our developer for assistance.

Once again, thank you everyone for volunteering!

Team Pebby

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