Pebby Update #20

Greetings to our dearest backers!

We apologize for the delayed update that we are suppose to publish, we achieved major milestones of porting new software and firmware into the electronics while the remaining work (a.k.a. bugs) will be progressively implemented and rectified through the assembly phase!

Based on our new finalized designs, we have also begun for prototype volume production of the mechanical parts. In our next update, we will have assembled the new Pebby version and will begin running functional tests. We’ll also be sending this version of the assembled product for lab certifications under FCC and TELEC. If possible, we’ll also do CE during the same window.

1st preliminary packaging design
1st preliminary packaging design

Unfortunately, we will not be able to publicly share the inner works here as our legal is still filing the necessary patents. However, we’ll share some photos of the parts that are being fabricated.


Awards recevied at the recent Global Sources Startup Launchpad Tradeshow
Awards received at the recent Global Sources Startup Launchpad Tradeshow

So what has been happening in our marketing activities? We recently exhibited at the ‘Asia CES’ Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong and were very fortunate to get industry support through their manufacturer and distribution network. These strategic partnerships will open new possibilities, later on, further lowering production costs and granting access to talent resources.

Furthermore, we also received numerous awards at the show after receiving positive feedback from the crowd! Please continue to stay tuned to our next update and we will not disappoint you, backers!





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