Production Update Taiwan!

Dearest Backers,

Time flies fast and it has been an intense two months since you placed your faith in Pebby. The team has been dwelling in all aspects from development, software and production. We have to be strict on scrutinizing every part of the process (especially certification) to ensure safety and quality when you receive your very own Pebby!

Pebby, as you know, is a complex robot system which consists of many parts. Every single part (motors, gears, batteries, camera, pcb, plastic etc) has to be procured or produced, factory-vet and tested before shipment. As our First Believers, this serves as the first to many of our updates to share our production journey from our hands to yours.

Bon Voyage - Journey to Taiwan
Bon Voyage – Journey to Taiwan

Right after the campaign had ended, we proceeded to our manufacturing partner in Taiwan. Taiwan typically carries higher costs on production but in return we get higher quality and control throughout the production process. For us, the quality and safety of the final product and the minimization of risks/delays in production is always our priority, thus we decided to place our full cycle production there.

Contract Manufacturing Partner
Contract Manufacturing Partner

Contract Manufacturer

The factory that we partnered is a large EMS manufacturer, with their own SMT lines, assembly lines and facilities for PCBs and quality control.

Certification Testing Facilities
Certification Testing Facilities


To ensure quality control and safety compliance for different countries, we found a firm to run our scratch resistance, drop tests and manage certifications that would allow us to ship internationally.

Molds for Pebby
Molds for Pebby

Molds and Plastics 

Molds are the fundamental layer in any production process. It is a long and costly process where molten plastic is poured under pressure where a detail is produced as output. For plastics, the quality and its treatment is crucial in determining the final outlook of the protective cases and overall durability. We sourced the right factory after a few tries to find one that can meet our crazy requirements.

More of our production line
More of our production line


As I mentioned earlier in the post, Pebby is made of a variety of components – procured and custom-made. Despite assembly and logistics being from Taiwan, a lot of parts are being shipped from around the world like China, Japan and even Russia! Fortunately with good partners in hand we are confident in managing the consolidation and shipment.

All in all, we have shared the blueprint on Pebby’s creation plan. In our following updates more will be shared on the production process, packaging and deliveries for our backers in the order of shipments. We’ll also be telling about the developmental work on the Unlocked Perk – tech specs upgrade (Battery and Camera)!

Stay Tuned for our next update!

Lots of love,
Team Pebby.

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