Stretch Goal #3 UNLOCKED!

All Major credit goes to all our backers!

We have now unlocked our 3rd Stretch Goal and would like to thank all of you for your support and as promised, backers now have the option to pick from a total of 10 available designs of the caps! Do look forward to further customizing your very own Pebby when you receive a pair of free Inner-Caps.



A survey form will be sent our at the end of the campaign to all backers to collect your order information! So take some time to decide what free caps you’d like to get and we will get to you once the campaign ends! At this juncture, we are also less than 200K away from the next MYSTERY STRETCH GOAL! This is going to be something special and really useful for your Pebby Ball 😉

We’d like to ask for your support to social share the Pebby Project with your family, friends, and acquaintances to break and achieve the next Stretch Goal! Till next stretch goal!

Team Pebby

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