We’ve Reached Our Funding Goal & Have Great News!

Pebby’s Kickstarter is finally over! What a journey it has been! We hit our last stretch goal and therefore we’ll be unlocking it for all backers!


This was our first campaign that we’ve done and the total number of backers is truly staggering! It is truly a joyous and tearful realisation that the fruit of our labor over these 3 years has found meaning and love from all of you! We can’t thank all of you enough for your massive support for Pebby. We hope your faith in us will be rewarded by the wonderful moments you’ll enjoy with your pet!

As a notice for the campaign end, there are some things that is worth mentioning:

1. A Kickstarter survey will go out in the coming weeks. We will be working with CrowdOx to manager all pledge and getting a confirmation of your shipping address.

We’ll ask you most importantly for your email address that you read (we won’t spam you) – if you give us an email you don’t check you will miss important updates – including when and how much to pay for shipping, tracking info and lots of important project communications.

2. We’ll use the info you give us to populate an account on our pledge manager, and when that’s complete we’ll send you a link at the email address you gave us through Kickstarter. On the pledge manager, you will be able to specify which items you want, pay for additional items and also for shipping.

In case you have any trouble processing your payment at the end of the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter’s FAQ Page. We reproduce here the pertinent section:

A project I’m backing just succeeded and my card was declined. What do I do?

If your pledge was declined, just log in to Kickstarter and click the “Fix payment” button in the banner at the top of your screen. This will guide you through the process of changing your payment method. We’ll also send you an email every 48 hours with a direct link to correct the issue. Don’t delay, however: backers have 7 days to resolve payment issues before they are dropped from the project.

Here are things to look into:

1. Check that you entered a valid credit card number and the correct expiration date. Make sure the card hasn’t expired.

2. Confirm that your billing address and phone number are correct.

3. Make sure you haven’t exceeded the credit limit on your card.

If everything checks out, it’s possible your bank put a hold on the charge. Please contact your bank to authorize the pledge. Once you’ve cleared up any issues with your bank or card, you’ll still need to follow the “Fix Payment” link to retry your pledge.

Lastly, everyone from Team Pebby wish to send you our deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks!

We will work towards the dream of having a Pebby for every pet in the world!


Team Pebby


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