Food that dogs should avoid

Can’t resist their puppy eyes can you when they are giving so that they can have what they want? Of course, we give in to our pets at times but when it comes to food, here is a list of what kind of food you should avoid feeding your pet and avoid consequences.

are onions toxic to your dogs

Onions/ Leeks/ Clives/ Garlic 

They belong to a plant family called “Allium” where it contains Thiosulfate which is poisonous to most pets. The ingestion of onions causes a condition called hemolytic anemia which causes the red blood cell to rupture while circulating within the body and symptoms being Vomit, Diarrhoea, Stomachache and Nausea.

why is grapes bad for your dog

Grapes and Raisins(dried grapes)

There are reports stating adverse effects such as renal failure on both Cats and Dogs and cats have more sensitive kidney than dogs hence they have a higher chance of being affected by this toxin. There have been reports stating that consumption of grapes leads to Acute Kidney Failure as it is toxic for them even though the toxic agent has not been identified yet and it is best not to give them. (provigil online purchase)

why is mushroom harmful?


There’s a proximately of 50 to 100 out of 50,000 species of mushroom known to be harmful and it is best to avoid giving it to them just to be safe than sorry.

why are cherries toxic for you?


They are known to be moderately toxic and the toxic agents are their pits, stems and leaves contain cyanide which is very poisonous and may result in fatal death if there has been a huge consumption. Their pits might be stuck in dog’s digestive tract and cause intestinal blockages. causes respiratory failure which may result in fatal death.

 why is raw and green potatoes harmful

Raw / Green Potatoes 

Unripe, green or raw potatoes are considered extremely toxic to dogs and this may result in having symptoms such as nausea, vomit, seizures and irregular heartbeat as it contains solanine which is a defensive poison found on the plant’s stems, leaves and in the potato skin.

can my dog eat chocolate or drink coffee?

Chocolate & Caffeine

Chocolates contains a stimulating substance, “”Theobromine” which is extremely poisonous for dogs and once consumed, the symptoms of chocolate poisoning are diarrhoea , dehydration, sickness and high blood pressure. Any caffeine product that has a similar effect to your dogs with chocolate for it may lead to fatal consequences such as Heart Failure.

“The darker the chocolate, the more risk there is”

can dogs take dairy products?

Dairy Product 

Dairy products are hard to digest due to the lactose in food such as milk, cheese or butter. Dogs do not have enough lactase to digest which might result in mild upset tummy or even an allergy.

how harmful are nuts to dogs?


They are especially high in fats and the most toxic award has to be given to macadamia nuts. Upon consumed, the symptoms would be vomit, rapid heartbeat, increase in body temperature.



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