How To Give Your Dog Best Supplements & Vitamins

Give dogs vitamins

While it may come as surprise, dogs need vitamins as well,and not only as an optional supplement but as a part of their diet. When it comes to the vitamins which are proved to be essential, it’s Vitamin B, but others should also be taken into consideration. However, Vitamin C is something you should look out for, as the small amounts are recommended, but larger does bring up more than a few issues. Other than Vitamin C, the dosage is not as relevant, as long as your dog gets all the other nutrients as well.

Incorporating vitamins into their diet may not be as easy as you think, but once you get the idea, it’s easy to combine your diet with your dog’s supplements. Most of the owners tend to skip this section, but in truth, vitamins to affect the overall health, and when doused right, they even decrease the risk of allergies and infections. So, get ready to find out what kind of supplements are available in the market today and what you can do with the ones you have a home already.

Natural Dog Supplements & vitamins

The idea behind alternative medicine relies on a fact that all can be found in the park nearby. So, get ready to use your knowledge out in the field, or simply head to the nearest shop for the extracts. Plants have miraculous properties, so bear in mind that all of them are multi-tasking when it comes to health.


One of our favorites, Garlic is not only easily accessible but also a health-saving plant. Most of us implement it in our daily diet, which makes it a whole lot easier, given that all you need to do is add it to your dog’s bowl as well. However, we recommend you pay a little extra for the organic one, just to make sure you’re getting all. Apart for it detoxifying the body, Garlic also serves as the eliminator of bacteria in the digestive system. So, whether you like it or not, it has more than a few properties which make it worthy of your time. All you need to do is chop it and wait 10 minutes before mixing it up with your dog’s meal. Garlic is usually underappreciated or avoided, but the truth is that it’s more than a plant, it’s a medicine.


A plant we often disregard, but should actually pay more attention to. Dandelion is not only rich in vitamins but also other vital nutrients, which make it ideal for those looking to have an all-in-one package. They’re easily harvested, and more importantly, they’re not as demanding as the other ones. All you actually need to do with it is chop it and dry it, which seems simple enough. All of the parts are useful. When it comes to Dandelions, their greatest value lies in the fact they are a miraculous mixture of nutrients for those looking to treat digestive system. With all the junk our dog eats on daily basis, sprinkling dry dandelions when feeding them does help clean both liver and the kidneys, reversing the effect in dog’s advantage.


Definitely, a winner when it comes to seasonal allergies, Nettle is easy to find, and easy to implement. While there is still talk about the stinging nettle, the truth is that it’s worth the extra effort, given it’s easily incorporated into the diet. (Thedentalspa) It doesn’t require anything special and can be simply chopped and infused. You still can soak it in water and serve it later, but the freshly chopped one is a more popular option. When it comes to helping, not only that nettle purifies the blood but also can help you like the supplement in joint treatment. Easy to access, and easy to prepare, nettle is definitely our favorite pick. (Alprazolam)


While it may be harder to access, Kelp is worthy of the effort, given that its properties are not only prolonging the life but also saving your dog from the effects of daily radiation. It also affects the digestive system, and while it can contain toxins due to sea pollution, it can be cleaned. However, when it comes to Kelp, you should be careful with the dosage, as Kelp contains iodine which may have a negative effect on the thyroid in dogs.

Synthetic Dog Supplements

While the majority of the owners opts for synthetic supplements due to the accessibility, they do come with quite a price tag all things considered. They are much easier for those who are looking to avoid having to measure the dose, as they have everything packed within the pill.

They may be produced in a lab, but the effect last longer due to the right combination, which is why you shouldn’t disregard them. They do have side effects if not dosed properly, and unlike natural supplements, they may have an effect which you’ll see only after a certain period of time. In any case, given the biomedical engineering evolved, they still can be trusted even though they remain as a personal choice, depending on the owner-dog supplements.


Whether you’re going to choose synthetic over natural, the truth is that vitamins are easily accessible, and more importantly, easily applied to the dog’s diet. So, don’t fuss about it, as whatever the choice, you’re making the right one.  The reason behind this is health improvement, and while some may consider vitamins unnecessary, the truth is, they do have quite an effect on both the looks and the health of your pet.

So, instead of heading to the vet every now and then, opt for a more natural way, and save your dog by adding a few drops of this or a few drops of that in their meal. It does save you time and helps you focus on something rather than on looking out for signs and wondering what they mean before you head to a local vet, all frightened. Make sure to dose it properly, like everything else, vitamins have side effects as well.

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