How to Make Bath Time Easier for Your Dog Everytime

dog bath

Does your dog hate the bath? You’re not alone. The struggle is real. 

If you find bathing your precious pup a nightmare as well then these tips may help make this process easier for both of you:

Before we get into the tips, let me make one thing clear — fear is tough to manage. Nothing’s quite that simple, and much of it depends on how fearful your dog is of bathing from the beginning with some dogs being more difficult than others because they’ve had years worth of anxiety built up already as an older pup or a young puppy who doesn’t know what he should be afraid about yet!

How to Prepare Your Supplies Beforehand

When it comes to making bath time easier on your dog, one of the most important things is being prepared. That includes having all of your supplies ready beforehand so that you can spend more quality time cleaning and playing with them after they’ve been bathed. If a difficult experience for their first few baths could make life just as hard in the future, be sure never leave them alone during this process or else they’ll become even more stressed out!

Filling The Tub Before Your Dog Gets In Is Key

Another way to make things a little less stressful for your dog is by filling up the tub with warm water before they get in. The sound of running water might seem mundane, but it’s enough noise and splashing that dogs who hate bath time experience an extra amount of stress on top of everything else icky about taking baths. To prevent this from happening you can create a nonslip surface at the bottom of their bathroom so they don’t slip around when trying not to fall down!

Making Sure Your Tub is Non Slip is important

If you don’t have a mat (or any nonslip materials on your tub floor) that prevent slipping, lay out a thick towel for your dog to stand on. Your dog may not like the bath if they aren’t fans of water in general or noisy environments – so try using cups instead of faucets/showers heads when rinsing off! A cup gives better control and less chance of getting water into ears or eyes.

Use a Cup For Rinsing
In order for your dog to feel comfortable in the bath, you should be keeping their eyes and ears protected. You don’t want water getting into those sensitive areas because it will stress them out even more! 

Being Gentle When Washing Your Dog’s Face Is Important

Use a washcloth so that you have better control of where the water is going with less chance of any splashing near or on these delicate parts. One thing I like to do sometimes when my dog gets fearful during baths is use high-value treats mixed in with toys as distractions–it works like charm every time!

Having an Exercise Beforehand With Your Dog

You’ll have to work hard at getting the dirt and dust out of their fur though, but it might be worth it if only for some peace of mind when they leave after being bathed. Exercise before a bathtime could make things easier on both parties since most dogs will still go crazy or act up afterward despite having exercised enough in advance- I’m not sure that reaction ever goes away either; there’s always going to be some energy leftover from playing too much outside.

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