pebby collar

Monitor and track your pet’s behavioral patterns

PebbyCollar™ works with the Pebby Smart Ball to provide you with key insights into your pet’s rest, playtime, and behavioral patterns. Now you can assess your pet’s overall health with just a press of a button.

8  days of battery life

With PebbyCollar™’s long battery life, you can keep tabs on your pet’s health and wellness even while you’re away from home for extended periods of time.

Easily control Pebby with the Pebby app

Control all of Pebby’s features and stream videos of your pet in real
time from the Pebby companion app. The intuitive app interface is
easy to use live and in Auto-Play mode. Now you can check in on
your pet anywhere and anytime.

The Pebby app will be free to download off iTunes and Google Play
from the first quarter of 2018.